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Tom Graf


Songwriter Tom Graf is not new to the music scene. He has been writing music that turns heads for years, from his early songwriting contracts with Confunkshun, catchy radio and TV commercials, to a Dirty Dancing soundtrack cut (titled Yes). 

Though his talents span the range, his first love is jazz. His compositions are awash with sensuous overtones. And on many occasions, you can hear whimsy in his melodies. Lyrics for his melodies include everything from sad blues themes to hopeful words of love and reflection.

Tom's music stays true to his heart's echoes. Perhaps they are your echoes too.

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From Tom:
Songwriting is merely the beginning of the creative process of music. Once a song has been born, it needs to be interpreted by musicians, who impart their own detail and nuance. They personalize it, bring it to life and use the composition to tell their own story. Dave Mathews, Peter Horvath, and Ray Obiedo were instrumental in creating the world in which my songs could live. They, along with the other talented studio musicians on this CD, helped me present this music. They expanded the compositions, added a sense of groove, and delivered beautiful improvisations in order to create music with all of the verve and integrity I imagined from the very beginning. 

Jazz Routes COVER

Newest release, Jazz Routes

This diverse collection of songs takes you on journeys through melodies and rhythms, from Brazil and the Caribbean to New York and the West Coast. As a composer, Tom relies on the many talented musicians that contributed to what you experience.  Dave Mathews and Peter Horvath were the primary arrangers, with Ray Obiedo adding the frosting on the cake.  It’s back to all instrumentals on this one, with saxophone and trumpet leading the way.


Previous Releases


Wishing You Were Here

Vocal and instrumental jazz and blues melodies and thoughts about love and love lost.  This is music for musicians and people who just like to listen to music and smile with songs that take you on a gentle ride.  Dave Mathews was the primary arranger, with Ray Obiedo arranging the overdubs and final thoughts.


Melodic jazz with a sense of groove and beautiful improvisations to sit back and enjoy.

The melodies and underlying harmonic structure are a focus of this CD. The talented musicians making the music come alive are familiar faces on recordings across the spectrum of jazz, latin, and rhythm and blues. David K. Mathews (currently with Santana) arranged the compositions with help from, and overall production by, Ray Obiedo. This is the way smooth jazz used to sound when played by the likes of Freddy Hubbard, Milt Jackson, and Wes Montgomery. Just sit down and get ready to take a journey through latin, samba, straight-ahead, tango, and blues moods.



Melodic samba, Afro-Cuban, modern Bop, funk, and ballad Jazz by Tom Graf

This CD is a diverse collection of straight-ahead, Latin, funk tunes, waltzes and a ballad by the composer, Tom Graf, and is all about a journey through melodies and rhythms. The compositions allow the musicians to tell their stories in an assortment of languages, from soft samba and afro-Cuban to modern bop dissonance. Take the trip with us!